Infinity Speakers Target OE Heads

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Infinity’s new Reference X series of 10 car speakers uses a variety of technologies to play loud when adding the speakers to factory head units or to lowpower aftermarket head units.

All feature 3-ohm voice coils to compensate for the increased impedance caused by thin-gauge factory speaker wires running to factory head units, a spokesman said. In addition, when connected to a low-power aftermarket head unit, the speakers’ reduced impedance will yield higher output compared to a standard 4-ohm speaker, he noted.

In both applications, the speakers’ woofer cones are likewise designed to boost output as well as bass response. Their PlusOne woofer cones offer a larger radiating area than conventional speakers of the same size to play louder with smaller amps and increase bass output to help offset road noise, the company said.

“Typically, when an aftermarket speaker is simply bolted into a factory location the overall output and ability to deliver bass are reduced,” the spokesman noted.

All but two models feature adjustable tweeter level, and four feature pivoting tweeters. Pricing wasn’t available.


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