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Kingston Doubles SD Card Capacity

Fountain Valley, Calif.— Kingston Technology announced a 128MB SecureDigital card (SD) for a suggested retail price of $199. Kingston's SD line also includes a 32MB and a 64MB card.

Panasonic Adds Web Photo Storage Service

Secaucus, N.J.— Panasonic has launched, an optional subscription service for its KX-HCM10 network camera with built-in Web server (suggested retail price: $499.95). The service assigns a permanent, personal Web address to the camera so that users can access live images from the camera, online. Network camera purchasers can try the service free for one week. The fee for continuing service is $39.95 for one year; $59.95 for two years and $79.95 for three years.

Egg Cracks Third Dimension With Lens

New York — Egg Solution has introduced the Photo 360° "reality" imaging lens for digital cameras. The EGG lens gives viewers the feeling of real space, allowing them to move directly into the interior of a photo or movie. Bundled software allows viewers to take digital images and pan, tilt, and digital zoom throughout the entire 360-degree image. The lens and bundled software will retail for $995.

TI Upgrades DSP Chip Capabilities

Dallas — Texas Instruments introduced the latest programmable DSP chip for digital camera manufacturers that enables faster operation with lower power consumption in digital cameras. According to TI, the new DSP solution achieves performance increases of up to 100 percent and a reduction in power consumption of up to 25 percent over TI's previous-generation DSP solution. Digital cameras designed with the new platform will allow consumers to capture high-resolution still images and enjoy real-time PC video from the same device.


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