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iLuv Rolls Out Bluetooth Accessories Line

iLuv introduced a variety of Bluetooth accessories that are already shipping or are scheduled to become available this month.

The i903 are a swivel-designed, noise-canceling headset with Bluetooth wireless technology. The headphones feature an audio transmitter with Bluetooth wireless technology that plugs into a 3.5mm headphone jack, turning any media player into a device with Bluetooth wireless of nine and eight hours, respectively, within a range of 33 feet. It is scheduled to become available this month at a $189 suggested retail.

The iLuv i202 stereo ear clips include an audio transmitter with Bluetooth wireless technology, listening time up to 14 hours and talktime up to 13 hours. The ear clips feature a built-in lithium-polymer rechargeable battery and a $149 suggested retail. They are currently available.The i222 Bluetooth stereo Backphone allows listening time up to eight hours and continuous talking time up to 10 hours. It reportedly provides clear sound for conversation or music from a wireless range up to 33 feet. The i222 is also available with a wireless audio transmitter to allow wireless communication between various music players. The i222 will be available this month for $149.

The i322 wireless auto speaker phone is designed to be clipped to the sun visor in the car. Features include phonebook and hotline functions, an adjustable LCD screen with caller ID and eight hours of talktime. The company said it will be available this month at a $99.99 suggested retail.

The i315 wireless clip-on Bluetooth headset is engineered to be worn on either the left or right ear. It features one-touch controls, a voice-dialing function, call-waiting, three-way calling and the ability to switch from headset to mobile phone without dropping the call. The i315 will be available in this month at $29.99.

The i316 Bluetooth headset features call waiting, call transfer and four hours of talktime. According to iLuv, it is approximately the size of a quarter and is offered in silver, dark silver, black, metallic green, metallic pink and metallic blue. It is scheduled to be available this month for a $49.99 suggested retail.

The JB-TH500 wireless phone clips from jWIN are designed to combine the convenience of Bluetooth wireless technology with the power to recharge in three different ways. Using the phone clip dock, users can charge the headset from your computer, a power outlet or car cigarette lighter with the USB power adapter and cable. It features a swivel design ear clip and six hours of talktime for a $99.99 suggested retail. The JB-TH500 is currently available.

The JB-TH220 wireless ear clip headset can pair with almost any Bluetooth phone, said iLuv, and it also can pair with a computer it has Internet phone service. Features include call waiting and three-way calling. It is schedule to be available this month at a $34.99 suggested retail.