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iLuv Readies More iPad Speakers


iLuv is planning two
new iPad-docking speaker systems and
two new iPod/iPhone speaker systems,
all featuring a more angular design recently
adopted by the company to meet
consumer demand, said marketing director
Pia Chon at International CES.

The two iPad docks are the iMM514
and iMM727, both of which can be used
as portable work stations. The iMM514,
for example, holds an iPad on a fixedmount
pillar at a backward-sloping angle
above a backward-sloping speakerequipped
tabletop base. The iPad can
be manually rotated for display in portrait
or landscape mode, and it can be
used with a Bluetooth keyboard to enter
text and control functions. The keyboard
will be offered both as an option and
bundled with the iMM514, which is due
in the second quarter at a price to be

The second new iPad speaker, the
iMM727, also uses a pillar to hold an
iPod above a backward-sloping speaker-
equipped base, but this pillar slides
forward and backward while the iPad
tilts back at an angle so users can type
comfortably on its virtual QWERTY keyboard,
Chon explained. The iPad display
can also be rotated manually to portrait
and landscape mode. The iMM727 is
due in the second quarter at a price to
be determined.

A related product is the iCC888 iPad/
tablet stand, which takes the shape of a
horizontal tube that holds iPads and other
tablets upright in horizontal or vertical
mode. It lacks a speaker or charger, but
the tablet’s own charger can be snaked
up through the bottom of the tube to
connect to the tablet’s charging inputs.
Pricing and ship date were unavailable.

In iPod/iPhone speaker systems, the
iMM276 and iMM386 feature angledback
front face, with the iPod standing
upright in the iMM276 and mounting
flush to the iMM386’s angled face,
Price and availability were unavailable.

All four docking speakers feature aux
input and ability to sync with a PC’s
iTunes application, as well as a free
downloadable iLuv 3.0 integrated app
that adds ability to stream thousands
of Internet radio stations, choose four
alarm clock displays, display local and
national weather information, and search
iLuv’s website for other iLuv products.