iLuv Intros FitActive Jet Bluetooth Ear Buds

Wireless headphones geared toward athletes
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iLuv’s FitActive Jet

iLuv Creative Technology introducedits newest headphones, a pair of affordably priced Bluetooth ear buds.

The $39.99 FitActive Jet earphones are geared toward athletes and thus feature sweat and water resistance, the company’s Fit-Tec ear-brace design, and on-device controls. The Bluetooth 4.0 tech provides a wireless range of up to 30 feet.

They are quite similar to a previously existing model, the FitActive Air, but the Jet model has a slightly different design with improved sound isolation, a company spokesman told TWICE.

The FitActive Jet will ship in the spring in red or green. Battery life is listed at 5.5 hours of playtime and more than six days of standby. It also has a built-in mic for hands-free calls. Three sizes or ear tips and two sizes of Fit-Tec ear braces are included.


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