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IBM’s Watson Tallies The Top-Scoring TVs For Super Bowl

Choosing a TV for the Big Game can be a tough call for consumers, but IBM Watson, in its daily trend report, has whittled down the playing field based on product popularity.

 Using natural language processing and machine learning, IBM’s proprietary technology platform scours the Internet — including social networks, blogs, forums, comments, ratings and reviews — and monitors tens of millions of online conversations related to purchase decisions to identify top-trending products.

The result is the following Top 10 sampling of TVs that are getting the most buzz this Super Bowl season. The listings, in order of brand popularity, include sample snippets of conversation culled from thousands of sources ranging from Twitter to blogs to review sites.

(You can check out other top-of-mind tech items on the IBM Watson Trend page, here.)

*Samsung 60-inch smart 4K Ultra HD TV

What consumers are saying: “Has a great picture and very good sound. I knew the picture would be good because I have owned three Samsung HDTVs in the past, but I was surprised at how good the sound is.”

*Samsung 55-inch 4K Ultra HD smart LED TV

What consumers are saying: “The best TV I have owned. It plays AVI, MKV, MP4 and MOV files natively and at HD or SD resolutions. Browsing for videos is very fast and thumbnails are loaded for each file. The TV supports HDMI commands and will auto-switch to the correct HDMI port when a device powers on.”

*Sony 65-inch LED smart 3D 4K Ultra HD TV

What consumers are saying: “Has a great picture and the online features work fantastic. I love that I can send media from my phone or tablet effortlessly.”

*Sony 43-inch LED smart 4K Ultra HD TV

What consumers are saying: “A superb 4K TV that is modestly priced. I wanted to invest in a 4K TV but was challenged on what brand and model to buy. I decided to go with this Sony 4K TV and I am very glad I did. I am now more pleased watching Blu-ray videos and playing video games with my PlayStation 4.”

*Sony Bravia 40-inch LED smart HDTV

What consumers are saying: “Was a great buy! … It is our second Sony TV and it can’t be beat. Easy setup, great picture, great sound, and also came with mounts that will let you hang it on the wall without buying another bracket.”

*LG 43-inch LED smart 4K Ultra HD TV

What consumers are saying: “Am completely amazed by the picture — and believe me, I am a difficult customer! You feel like you are there! It looks like a window! The sound is decent too, and I really like the smart features.”

*LG EC970V65-inch 4K OLED curved-screen TV

What consumers are saying: “Is the future of TV. Delivering one of the best picture qualities to date, the 65-inch 4K OLED curved screen brings you the finest viewing experiences imaginable.”

*Vizio M-Series 70-inch LED smart 4K Ultra HD TV

What consumers are saying: “Has AMAZING picture quality! The only knock on the TV was the sound, but I was getting surround sound anyway so that didn’t matter to me.”

*Sharp 50-inch smart HDTV Roku TV

What consumers are saying: “An awesome TV and I got it at a great price. I honestly wasn’t expecting much, but this TV has a great picture and I love the fact that it is a smart TV. There are plenty of apps.”

*Sharp 43-inch smart HDTV Roku TV

What consumers are saying: “A nice TV for the budget conscious. We bought one for mom. She liked the picture quality. I bought a second one for myself. Easy to navigate. Good value and features for the price.” 

Source: IBM Watson Trend