IBM Intros New ThinkPad Models

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SOMERS, N.Y.-- IBM today introduced two new entry-level ultra-portable ThinkPad notebooks.

The ThinkPad i 1210 and 1370 weigh in at just under six pounds with the former carrying a $1,199 suggested retail price, the lowest starting price for a notebook for IBM. Both are now shipping. Last week Compaq unveiled a new Presario notebook priced at $999.

The 1210 features an Intel Celeron 500Mhz processor, 32MB of RAM, 6GB hard drive and 12-inch display. The 1370 steps up to a Celeron 550MHz with 64MB of RAM, 13-inch TFT display, 12GB hard drive and a built-in Ethernet card with a $2,199 suggested retail price.

The new models are geared at the student and SoHo markets.


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