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IBiquity Launches Private-Label HD Radio Line

IBiquity Digital has now launched a line of private-label receivers to be sold online. I had reported earlier the company intended to do so.

Called “Sparc,” the products include a mix of tabletop, boombox and portable AM/FM/HD Radio tuners.

The HD Radio tech developer is working with its Asian suppliers on the line, which is meant to beef up the number of product in the marketplace.

While HD Radio receivers are proliferating in new cars and the aftermarket receiver world, engineers and other station personnel have been asking Radio World and other industry experts why there seem to be fewer tabletop, boombox and portable radios on the market these days. We’ve reported that’s because fewer consumer electronic devices in general include AM/FM or HD Radio now. That trend is being driven by younger consumers, who aren’t walking into brick and mortar retailers asking for radios.

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