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HTiBs Get DVD-Audio

Panasonic and Yamaha will lead the charge to include DVD-Audio/Video players in home-theater-in-a-box (HTiB) solutions.

In expanding its selection of DVD-equipped HTiBs, Panasonic plans to show five new models for which information was available at press time. Three of them use a DVD-receiver, and all feature DVD-Audio, Dolby Digital, DTS, and MP3-CD-R/RW playback.

The company also plans about three more DVD-based HTiBs with separate receivers and DVD players, all of which were likely to get DVD-Audio, the company said at press time.

The five systems for which Panasonic had information are the:

  • SC-HT75, due late April at a suggested $499.95, with integrated DVD-receiver, five satellites, subwoofer and five-disc changer.
  • $599-suggested SC-HT95, due late May, with integrated five-disc changer/receiver, progressive-scan component output, 500 watts, and two-way front and center speakers.
  • 3-inch-wide vertical system, the $549-suggested SC-DM3 due in June with single-disc DVD-receiver. It can be placed vertically or laid flat, and its backlit LCD will adjust its display for either position. It features 200-watt digital amplifier.
  • SC-DT100, which features a separate single-disc DVD and digitally-amplified receiver, is due in June at a suggested $699.95. Each component is less than 5-inches-tall and less than 8-inches wide, and they can be stacked or laid side-by-side.
  • SC-DT300, due late June at $899.95, is like the DT100 but adds progressive scan and two-way LR speakers.

Five of six new Yamaha HTiBs due at CES also feature DVD, expanding the company’s selection of DVD-equipped HTiBs to five from one. Four of the five feature separate DVD player at a suggested $799, $1,299, $1,499, and $1,699. A $999 model is the company’s first with DVD-receiver.

The four models starting at $999 feature DVD-Audio and progressive scan outputs, marking the first time that those features are appearing in Yamaha HTiBs. The top three models feature five-disc changers.