HTC Demos Virtual-Reality Headset To Consumers

First stop for VR demo truck is San Diego’s Comic-Con
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San Diego – HTC, the smartphone maker that is repositioning itself as a personal technology company, went to Comic-Con 2015 to demonstrate the developers’ edition of its Vive virtual-reality headset to consumers for the first time.

Demonstrations of the consumer-targeted headset are being held from Thursday, July 9, through Sunday, July12, outside the San Diego convention center. The truck will then roll throughout the summer to other cities, including Louisville, Ky., from July 17 to 19 for the Forecastle Festival and to Seattle from August 2 to 8.

The company announced plans for a VR headset early this year in cooperation with Valve, the developer of game software and the Steam online game platform. The companies at the time said a consumer headset would be out by the end of 2015. The headset incorporates Valve’s Steam VR tracking and input technologies to create a 360-degree VR experience that lets users walk around and explore a virtual space, inspect objects from all angles, and interact with their surroundings.

Game developers are developing games for the 90fps headset, but HTC said the headset will go beyond gaming to enhance such activities as attending games, shopping, and visiting museums.


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