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HP Shows Camcorders, ’10 Digicam Lineup

ANAHEIM, CALIF. — Hewlett-Packard
used the recent PMA 2010 Show to showcase
its recent entry into the digital camcorder
market and to mark a more aggressive
new chapter in its role as a digital
camera resource.

Late last year the company made its fi rst
entry into the U.S. digital camcorder market
offering a lineup of HD models, and
used the PMA Show to announce an expansion
of that assortment.

New to the line two models with 1080p
HD resolution and one new 720p HD unit.
All offer HDMI outputs and store recordings
onto SD and SDHC memory cards.

They all also double as digital still cameras,
providing up to 5-megapixel resolution
that can be boosted to 12 megapixels
with internal line interpolation.

Most of the models target the entry end
of the category, where so-called pocket
models are driving prices downward.

HP’s strategy in entering the segment
prior to the recent holiday season was to
offer products that are affordable, outperform established competitive products
and are very easy to use. This is underscored
by an easy user interface.

HP’s lineup now includes the
V5061u, V5560u and V5040u (all with
1080p resolution), and the V5060h and
the V1020h (both with 720p resolution).
The new V5061u and V5560u
feature 3-inch touchscreen displays,
1,080p recording and motion-detection

The V5560u has a 5x optical, 4x digital
zoom, and the V5061u has a dual
SD/SDHC memory card slot and the
option to install AA batteries if the
rechargeable lithium-ion battery loses
its charge.

Respective suggested prices for
the V5061u and the V5560u are $169
and $199; they are now available.

The new V1020h is a 720p HD-capable
model with a rechargeable lithium-
ion battery and is priced at $109.
It will ship this summer.

The company also rolled out five
point-and-shoot digital cameras as
part of its re-entry into the digital
camera market.

HP was last in the digital camera
market in 2007, but quietly continued
marketing a few models all along, according
to a company spokesman.

As HP broadens the camera lineup,
retailers are slowly coming back, the
company said. Current accounts carrying
the line include Ultimate Electronics,
Walmart Canada, Amazon,
and Newegg. The company has also
done significant volume on QVC.

As with camcorders, the focus in
the new digicam line is on affordability
and value-oriented feature sets.

The digital still cameras are the
CW450t, PW460t, CW450, SW450 and
the PW550z. All capture video in up to
VGA resolution.

The first two fall under HP’s premium
camera segment and have 2.7-
inch and 3-inch touchscreen LCDs,
respectively. The company added
a touch interface to enable simpler
photo viewing. Each has 4x optical, 5x
digital zoom and can support up to a
32GB SD/SDHC memory card.

The CW450t comes in blue and
merlot and carries a $109 suggested
retail, while the PW460t is available in
pink and charcoal gray for $149.

The CW450 comes in black and red
at $99 and features a 4x optical zoom
and a 2.7-inch LCD. The SW450 is a
slim-line model that adds a lithiumion
battery and comes in red and turquoise
for $129. The PW550z steps up
to a 5x optical zoom with a wide-angle
lens. It is$149 in black or plum.