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Which product segments posted the best gains in 2011, and what is their outlook for 2012?


For Pioneer, the A/V category posted the most gains in 2011, and we are expecting similar growth in 2012. To fulfill the expected demand, we will be expanding our 2012 A/V product offerings to give consumers a wider selection of products and a broader, more affordable price range. We want to ensure that our dealers have the flexibility to increase their ASP in the car audio category and offer their customers a variety of Pioneer A/V models that fit their desired feature set and budget.

We are also very pleased and excited about the performance and direction that AppRadio has taken. Within the timeframe of its initial launch, just a little more than six months ago, we’ve been able to make changes to the product. Our recent announcement on additional apps support and the update on our AppRadio app will help continue the momentum for a product that’s smartphone/app driven. This product is truly innovative and will change the car electronics landscape, and we’re taking the leadership approach to help grow our industry.

Navigation is also continuing to perform well for our in-dash (fixed) systems, even though there’s been a decline in the overall category, especially in portable navigation. We are continuing to add strong feature-sets that appeal to a broader consumer that is looking for more than just getting from point A to B. Connectivity such iPhone/iPod and Bluetooth are now “expected” features, so we’re staying ahead of the curve by offering key features such as Pandora and Aha Radio. Stay tuned for announcements on a suite of additional feature sets that will continue to support our direction.

We will also be increasing our SCD [single-CD] model offerings in 2012 and adding key features that have proven to be successful in other categories such as A/V. Although ASP continues to be on a decline in the category, we are adding more features in an effort to attract new consumers willing to purchase at a higher price point.


In-dash multimedia posted the most gains in dollars, followed by Bluetoothenabled in-dash CD. Speaker sales were steady.


One of our better category gains in 2011 came from a surprising source for us. Amplifiers. Our strong suit has always been our head units, but this past year a new emphasis on product development in the amplifier category met with very positive response at retail. We plan to keep the momentum going in 2012 with two new Class D amps that have high power, a great new sleek, and thinner design and are very competitive price.


A/V nav has shown significant growth in 2011, and we’re planning for additional increases in 2012. The CD receiver, amplifier and speaker categories have all been stable for 2011. Within the CD head-unit segment, we saw pockets of growth with our SiriusXM bundled product (CDE-124SXM) and our Pandora-capable units.


Both our speaker and amp sales showed gains with speakers showing the most growth. While the coaxial entry price point continues to be the leader in both units and dollars for Boston Acoustics, we saw the most gain in the $499 and up speaker price point in 2011.


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