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Hot Features, Technologies


What features or technologies were in highest
demand in 2011, and what do you expect for 2011?


Smartphone connectivity and integration
will still lead the way in 2012. As I mentioned earlier,
iPhone/iPod/Bluetooth connectivity
are now “expected”
feature sets. Consumers are
demanding better user interfaces
and seamless integration
for their portable/personal
devices such as smartphones.
Android support will be the big
buzz for 2012, and manufacturers
now have to address those consumers that expect
more and won’t settle for subpar performance.


Audio streaming via Bluetooth (in support
of Android smartphones) was in high demand at
the dealer level. We see Pandora Internet radio link as a
strong feature in 2012 and expect smartphone connectivity
as a key sales driver in the coming years.


In-dash navigation, satellite radio, Bluetooth
and of course anything that provides iPod/iPad/iPhone
connectivity led the way in 2011 for consumer preference
for features on our products.
For 2012, in addition to all new user-friendly UI that we
think goes toe-to-toe with any system out there, we plan
a number of new feature sets, including adding Bluetooth
to most models, even in the CD radio line. Also
the addition of Parrot Bluetooth as well as Pandora and
RGB backlighting on several
of the new Jensen multimedia
units will continue the
connectivity direction.


Content is king,
so we know that today’s users
want to bring their portable
content into the vehicle. iPod
or iPhone music playback and
Pandora Internet Radio control still remain popular portable
audio sources. As for in-vehicle sources, people still like
the high-quality sound of HD Radio reception, plus we saw
renewed interest in SiriusXM satellite radio.
Integrated control of these digital technologies has
been key to our successful sales of step-up products.
Our two-DIN, or full-size, units with navigation continue
to be in high demand from advanced users who expect
a better navigation experience through a built-in solution.