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HoMedics Teams With House Of Marley For Headphones


The family of Bob Marley, in collaboration
with HoMedics, will use International CES to
unveil its first collection of audio electronics products
from The House of Marley. They can be found at booth

TWICE spoke Alon Kaufman, CEO of HoMedics,
and Cedella Marley and Rohan Marley, two of Bob
Marley’s children who are involved with the House of

When asked why they decided to enter the alreadycrowded
headphones market, Rohan noted that the
family had already been approached by different entities
in the past. “But we wanted to do something substantial
and sustainable,” he said. “We didn’t just want
to jump in because of the competition. We wanted to
do something different than what the norm is as far as
what’s sustainable — reusable, recyclable materials.”

Regarding the materials, Kaufman said the biggest
emphasis was placed on selecting earth-friendly materials.
“The majority of the headphones today are
made out of plastic, and while we cannot sometimes
avoid plastic, we are trying to use materials that are

“So whenever possible we’re using aluminum,
which is 100 percent recyclable, canvas and cotton.
Wherever possible, we’ll use organic cotton and canvas.
We’re using hemp wherever possible, [and] our
cords are cotton braided.”

Even the packaging will strive for friendlier materials
by using pulp paper and soy-based ink. The woods
being used are not endangered wood, the group
said, and the headphones will benefit from the materials
by delivering a better acoustical chamber. The
higher-end products will use leather instead of PVC,
Kaufman said.

The products, which will be geared toward the
younger generation, will be strongly tied to the online
component of the House of Marley, which encourages
charitable giving and recycling.

The House of Marley includes three collections —
Jammin’, Freedom, and Destiny — and features ear
buds, over-ear headphones, docking/charging stations,
speakers and boomboxes.

The Jammin’ line is meant to bring the joyful Rasta
vibe to life through colorful, vibrant style and solid performance
designed for “young gongs,” the company

The Freedom line delivers a high-end audio experience
through modern, soulful design sensibilities,
while the Destiny line uses beautiful, natural, premium
materials to deliver superb clarity and thick, rich, resonant
bass, it added.

At launch, The House of Marley in-ear headphones
will be sold in nine different varieties, each available
in multiple colors, with a suggested retail of $29.99
to $199. The over-ear headphones will include seven
different styles, also available in multiple colors, with
a suggested retail of $49.99 to $299.

In addition to headphones, the company will offer
speakers, docking/charging stations and a Freedom
Speakerbag boombox at suggested retails ranging
from $49.99 to $299.

The products will ship in the second quarter.