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Home Networking Devices From Actiontec, D-Link

Home networking maker Actiontec today added to its mid-December products announcements today unveiling its 802.11b Wireless Cable/DSL Router and Wireless-Ready DSL Gateway.

The Wireless Cable/DSL Router features an Ethernet and USB port to deliver 11MB per second data transfer speeds to a home network. With this product consumers can instantly form a broadband-based home network that can connect any PC and notebook computer.

The Wireless-Ready DSL Gateway provides DSL broadband service at 8MB per second and can create a home or small office based network that will have a data rate of 100MB per second. The kit comes with a basic security firewall and has two PC card slots so it can be upgraded to handle wireless networking. Actiontec also will be discussing its plans for next generation 802.11g that will sport 54MB per second data transfer speeds.

Pricing and shipping on these products was not available at press time. Actiontec’s December introduction included next generation wireless products using the 802.11a specification.

In other news: D-Link is showing its 802.11a DWL-A520 and DWL-A650 Air Wireless Desktop Adapters. The DWL-A520 can deliver data over a home network at either a standard 54MB per second or 72MBps when in Atheros Turbo Mode when connected to a high speed LAN. The device is based on the Atheros A5000 chipset. The A520 version is basically the same, but offers a built-in dual diversity antenna that supports multi-path environments. Pricing and shipping dates were not available.