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Home Networking

Paradise Innovations showed PCI Net@Home, a 1Mbps home networking product utilizing the existing in-home phone wiring. The product also works without disrupting current telephone service. The two-card twin-pack has a suggested retail of $89, while the single-pack is $49.95. Both are set for shipment this week.

Acer NeWeb previewed the Falcon 2.4GHz wireless LAN card, featuring PCMCIA, ISA, PCI, USB and parallel port formats. The card has a 1Mbps data speed, a range of up to 500 feet, lower power consumption, and multi-node networking. The suggested retail price is $199 a pair, with shipments set to begin in July.

Acer also showed SyGate, which enables multiple PC share one modem, one phone line and one ISP account. A three-client version is available for $49; a six-client version is $99; and an unlimited-client version is $199.

3Com, fresh from its announced partnership with Microsoft, said the first products stemming from that relationship will be out this fall. “In our vision of pervasive networking, we want to connect anything anywhere and any time, through a variety of devices. But we will drive it from a standards standpoint,” said channel marketing manager Meg Snyder.

Allied Telesyn was at the show looking to move from its catalog distribution into the retail channel, typically positioning its products 15% or more below top-tier vendors in the channel. The company will initially come to market with a nine-SKU line of LanEdge hubs, switches, Internet connectivity products, and print servers using a sleek, stackable design.

WebGear launched its Aviator USB ($89.95), the first USB wireless networking system on the market, according to sales VP Dave Appleman.

Also new from the company is Aviator 2.4, a step-up version that operates at 2.4GHz and uses frequency hopping spread spectrum technology. It offers a 2MB/second data rate, compared to 1MB for the other models, and comes in a PCMCIA card format.

The $99 2.4GHz system operates at a distance of up to 1,000 feet in the open air, Appleman noted.

Linksys, a developer of home and business networking solutions, showed several new products including its HomeLink Phoneline Network In A Box ($89.99), which started shipping last month, and its EtherFast 10/100 Network In A Box ($139.99). In mobile connectivity product, Linksys introduced its EtherFast 10/100 + 56K Modem PC card ($189.99), which lets users connect their laptop to a network and 56K modem simultaneously.