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Home Automation Hubs: Savant Pro 8.0 Remote

TWICE VIP Award 2016 Winner! The Savant Pro 8.0 Remote is the latest in the line for Savant Pro homeowners, and offers full control of lighting, entertainment, climate, and much more. The new Pro 8.0 Remote includes features such as voice control, allowing users to simply ask for what they want. It also integrates with a nearly limitless number of devices, provides major streaming services through Savant Music, and allows homeowners to capture a Scene directly from the Remote. With Scenes, users are able to create personalized ambiances and experiences that can be set for specific times of the day. The touchscreen design offers additional controls such as keypads when you need them. Personalized profiles give each family member his or her own remote experience, with their own channels and scenes just a tap away. In addition to all those things, it simplifies a consumer’s entertainment and home automation experience. Instead of many remotes, they will only need one, and it offers an element of personalization that other universal remotes don’t.