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Home Audio Connects To New Sources


Sales of home audio products
that incorporate MP3-player docks, Internet radio
and HD Radio are on the rise, Consumer Electronics
Association (CEA) statistics show.

The percentage of home radios shipped to dealers
with Internet radio, for example, rose to an estimated
14 percent in 2010 and is forecast to rise to
16 percent in 2011, CEA statistics show. The percentage
with HD Radio is estimated at 26 percent
in 2010 and is forecast to rise to 28 percent in 2011.

The percentage of home radios with MP3 player
docks hit an estimated 46 percent in 2010 and is
forecast to hit 54 percent in 2011.

In clock radios, the percentages are rising as well.

In component-audio receivers, CEA doesn’t report
the number of units sold with Internet radio or HD Radio,
but the percentage with Ethernet connections,
presumably to access Internet radio and stream audio
from a networked PC, rose to an estimated 10 percent
in 2010 and is forecast to rise to 12 percent in 2011.

CEA does not track the Ethernet capability of
home theater in a box systems (HTiBs), but most new
Blu-ray equipped HTiBs incorporate Ethernet ports
to stream BD-Live content from the Internet, and
many of those models incorporate Internet radio and
video-streaming capabilities. In 2009, Blu-ray HTiB
unit sales were 676,000, accounting for 22 percent
of all HTiBs sold. In 2010, Blu-ray HTiB unit sales hit
an estimated 1.4 million to account for 48 percent of
HTiBs sold, and they’re forecast to rise to 1.7 million
in 2011 to account for 59 percent of HTiBs sold.