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Nautilus Goes Outdoors

NORTH READING, MASS. — B&W has launched several new products, including its first two outdoor speaker to incorporate design elements of its high-end Nautilus home speakers. Two of three new outdoor speakers, the $500/pair WM6 and $400/pair WM4, feature the Nautilus 1-inch metal-dome tweeter with tapered-tube loading system. The company also launched its first enclosed speaker that can be positioned horizontally or vertically. The tall, narrow and not-very-deep VM1 features integrated mounting stand/bracket for vertical positioning and removable foot for horizontal positioning. The $400-suggested VM1 sonically matches Leisure Series models.

Legend Touts IQ Series

INDIANAPOLIS — Legend turned out at the CEDIA Expo for the first time to show its new IQ series architectural speakers. Three models feature spring-loaded dog-ears that allow for snap-in installation in the wall. The speakers can be unlocked by a screwdriver. The feature is in three models. Some models also feature pivoting tweeters. The line includes the company's first two-tweeter, dual-voice-coil speaker, which is an in-ceiling model capable of reproducing stereo from a single speaker. Each tweeter pivots.

Jamo Flies Its Colors

BUFFALO GROVE, ILL. — Jamo flew the colors at the CEDIA Expo, where it unveiled a new silver color for its on-wall speaker system and five new colors for its existing A310 and A330 home theater speaker packages. The flat speaker system, consisting of five on-wall speakers and a sub, is the $1,400-suggested A510PDD. In other introductions, a new contractor series lowers the opening price for custom speakers to $129/pair from $249. The models feature pivoting tweeters as did their predecessors. The new series includes Jamo's first in-wall with rotating tweeter/midrange baffle to allow for horizontal or vertical mounting. It's the three-way $599/pair 626K3. Another new in-wall is a switchable bipole/dipole, the $599-suggested 631K3, which doesn't stick out of the wall as its predecessor did.

Mordaunt-Short Issues Completes Declaration

ROSELLE, ILL. — Mordaunt-Short completed its Declaration series of speakers with the series' first standalone-powered subwoofer and first non-THX-certified dipole surround. The 100-watt 10-inch sub retailers for a suggested $449. The dipole is a suggested $349 and features 4-inch woofers compared to the THX model's 5.25-inch woofers. The company shipped its first home theater speaker package, the Premier 300, at a suggested $999. It comes with 80-watt 8-inch subwoofer.

M&K Manages Bass

CHATSWORTH, CALIF. — M&K, which entered the architectural speaker market in 1997, has added an $899 frameless in-wall speaker, the SW-150, developed to match the performance of its S-150 professional monitor and MPS-2510 consumer monitor by using the same components. The company also announced a $399-suggested price point for its Bass Management controller, intended for the initial batches of DVD-Audio players that lacked bass management features for their six analog DVD-Audio outputs. The controller provides an 80Hz high-pass filter for the five main speakers and a subwoofer output that sums the bass content of all five speakers.

Cerwin Steps Up In Custom

SIMI VALLEY, CALIF. — Cerwin-Vega is stepping up its custom commitment with plans for a full range of products, including distribution systems and accessories. The first products consist of a new line of architectural speakers. Called the Architectural Product Group (APG) series, it consists of two in-walls and two in-ceiling speakers. All are two-ways with high efficiency and high dynamics, the company said. Six- and 8-inch model are offered, all with acoustic controls. The speakers ship in the fall. A timeframe for additional products wasn't announced, but they will include subwoofers, special application speakers, and home theater systems. All will be targeted exclusively to custom installers through a distribution network that the company said is "fundamentally different" from current-product distribution.

Mondial Does Home Theater

INDIANAPOLIS — Mondial introduced its first new products since its purchase early this year by Klipsch. They include the company's first six THX-Ultra certified products and four second-generation versions of four existing stereo products. The THX products include two two-channel amps, two five-channel amps, a seven-channel amp, and the Stage One preamp processor, which incorporates THX Surround EX and DTS ES decoding. The second-generation products include two-channel preamp, phono preamp, stereo amp, and monoblock amp.


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