Hitachi Adds Networking 3LCD Projector

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17Hitachi CP-X3010N

Chula Vista, Calif. - The business group of Hitachi Home Electronics (America) introduced Monday a 3LCD-based video projector with built-in networking capabilities and a low operating cost, targeting corporate and institutional placements.

Model CP-X3010N, which is shipping now at a $3,395 suggested retail, has a brightness level of 3,000 ANSI lumens and a 2,000:1 contrast ratio.

Also featured is 16 watts of built-in audio, a low noise rating of 29 dBA in eco mode, and a lamp life of 3,000 hours in standard mode and 6,000 hours in eco mode.

Hitachi includes its My Buttons functionality that allows two programmable buttons on the projector to execute any projector command.

The CP-X3010N also supports closed captioning and input source naming.

For networking, Hitachi adds it new Projector Management Application (PJMan) Version 7 software, which controls, diagnoses and manages an individual or group of Hitachi projectors from a single location.

A projector control application (PJCtrl) allows projector control through a toolbar on PC desktop, which, Hitachi said, helps to reduce operational costs.

Users can control up to five of the same Hitachi projectors simultaneously and each can be customized to individual preferences with the PJCtrl.

For security, a My Image function allows AV/IT administrators to transfer still images, such as emergency alerts, from a PC to each projector on the network. Images are automatically displayed on all the projectors, including the projectors that are not in use at the time.

Hitachi said this is useful for networking together multiple projector applications across a large space, such as a school, campus or large corporate environment.

Projector Messenger Application software, meanwhile, allows an administrator to send real-time (or stored) text messages that appear on the screen of the projector.

This is ideal for sending campus-wide announcements and important notifications, the company said. When used in conjunction with the scheduling function, notices can be shown at preset times, making each screen a virtual message board.


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