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Hexoskin Smart Athletic Shirt Hits Wearables Market

Montreal –– A Canadian start-up that bypassed the band and strap wearables route is bringing its biometric tracking smart athletic shirt to the U.S. market.

The Hexoskin is said to record more than 3,000 data points per minute to provide accurate scientific-grade body metrics, the company said.

The shirt employs textile sensors developed with the help of NASA and the Canadian Space Agency. A small Bluetooth device is connected to the fabric sensors and placed in the shirt’s built-in side pocket during activity and sleep.

The Hexoskin measures heart rate, step count, sleep duration, calories burned, heart-rate recovery, heart-rate variability, breathing rate, breathing volume, activity level, acceleration and cadence, among others.

 At night it tracks sleep and movement, including sleeping positions, and adds cardiac and respiratory activity.

Via Bluetooth, all data can be synced to a smartphone with the Hexoskin app for iOS and Android, or to an online dashboard that can be monitored by a remote coach or trainer in real time. The metrics can also be accessed via the dashboard after workouts in order to compare them to other athletes in the Hexoskin network or a user’s own previous training sessions. Users can also opt to download data to popular third-party analysis software or share their training session data on social media.

Hexoskin also features an open API, free to researchers and third-party software and hardware developers.

The water-resistant Hexoskin, made with breathable Italian fabric, offers a lightweight and quick-dry fit, the company said. It is optimized for regulation of moisture and heat, and is equipped with smooth seams to prevent chafing. The shirt is machine washable once the Bluetooth device is removed.

Hexoskin is available in both men’s (S to 3XL) and women’s (XS to XL) styles starting at $399 on