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Helix Car-Audio DSP Processors Debut

Las Vegas – Rockford Corp. unveiled two new Helix-brand digital signal processors/equalizers from Audiotec Fischer for aftermarket car installation.

The $549-suggested Match DSP and $995 Helix DSP Pro are appearing at Rockford Corp.’s product showcase during International CES at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino from Jan. 6-8, 2015. The products just began to ship.

Match DSP is targeted to smaller sound systems incorporating the factory radio, while the Helix DSP PRO offers more processing power than any other signal processor available, the company said.

The Match DSP features 56-bit signal processing and 30-band graphic EQ per channel with adjustment of individual bands in 1/24 octave increments and time correction in 7mm steps. It supports center-channel speakers and comes with 3.5mm aux input to add sources to the factory radio. DSP setting can be downloaded via USB-connected PC or MicroSD Card. Match DSP comes with six RCA outputs, remote output, and four high-level inputs.

The $999 HELIX DSP Pro steps up processing power to 64-bit resolution for more complex installs and is said to be the first of its kind with 96kHz sampling rate, which extends frequency response to more than 40kHz. It comes with 10-channel RCA outputs.

Optional modules add Bluetooth audio streaming, an additional optical digital input, and an optical digital output. Revised PC software adds new functions and more precise adjustments of all parameters.

The processor features 30-band paragraphic EQ per channel with 0.25 dB steps, adjustment of individual bands in 1/24 octave steps, and time-alignment adjustment in 3.5 mm steps. Filter slopes of 6-42dB are available.

The PC software enables new drag and drop signal routing with separate matrices for line. It comes with eight RCA inputs, eight high-level inputs, one switchable S/PDIF optical-coaxial input, remote input, and USB . Outputs consist of 10 RCA outputs and a remote output.

Also on display are Helix Match amplifiers, subwoofers, and speakers and BMW- and VW-specific speakers.