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HDMI With 3D, ARC Come To Onkyo AVRs, HTiBs

HDMI 1.4 connections that support 3D
video and Audio Return Channel (ARC)
are appearing for the first time in Onkyo’s
lineup in three three A/V receivers
(AVRs) and three home theater in a box
(HTiB) systems.

The AVRs include the industry’s first
THX-certified AVR with HDMI 1.4.
It’s THX-Select2 Plus certified.

All products are also Onkyo’s first
with what the company calls HDMI
Thru, which simplifies home-theater
connections by letting video content pass
through to a connected TV while the receivers
and HTiBs are in standby mode.
The selection also includes Onkyo’s first
2.1-speaker HTiB system with virtual
surround-sound processing.

All models decode all authorized Bluray
surround formats, bringing the feature
down to $299 in AVRs from $399
and down to $379 in HTiBs from $699.

The AVRs are the $299-suggested 5.1-
channel TX-SR308, $399 7.1-channel
TX-SR508, and $599 7.2-channel TXSR608.
The $299 model ships in March,
and the other two ship in April. None are
in the HT series of more broadly distributed

The HTiBs consist of a bundled
AVR, speakers and subwoofer. They
include the $379-suggested 5.1-speaker
HT-S3300 and $599 7.1-speaker
HT-S5300, due in March and April,
respectively. The $349-suggested 2.1-
speaker system, the HTX-22HDX,
ships in May with Onkyo’s proprietary
Theater-Dimensional processing, which
has been available previously in Onkyo
AVRs to deliver virtual surround.

With the launches, Onkyo also brings
down the starting price of Audyssey DSX
post-processing technology in AVRs to
$599 from $899, Dolby Pro Logic IIz to
$399 from $599, and proprietary Universal
Port (U-Port) down to $299 from
$399. U-Port lets consumers add an Onkyo
iPod dock or Onkyo HD Radio tuner,
enabling the tuner and docked iPod to
be controlled from the AVRs’ controls.

The $299 5.1 AVR features 192-
kHz/24-bit Burr-Brown PCM1690
DACs to enhance resistance to clock jitter
and deliver 113dB dynamic range. It
also features U-Port and new overlaid
onscreen graphical display that lets users
watch a program in the background while
viewing menu functions on screen.

The $399 AVR adds Dolby Pro Logic
IIz, Sirius port and 7.1-channel capability.
The $599 model adds 7.2-channel
capability, THX-Select2 Plus certification,
Audyssey DSX, front HDMI input
and up-scaling of all video sources to
1080p, including video from a new PC input.
In the previous AVR line, video was
up-scaled to 1080i at $599. DSX in the
$599 AVR can be configured to deliver
front-height or front-wide channels but
not both simultaneously.

The opening price HTiB at $379 features
5.1-speaker package and U-Port, and
the step-up $599 system adds 7.1-channel
speaker system and included iPod dock.
The 2.1-speaker HTiB at $349 lacks UPort
but features three HDMI 1.4 inputs,
four audio modes for gaming and outputs
for additional speakers.