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Harman Upgrades JBL Synthesis

Northridge, Calif. — Harman released version 2.7 of its ARCOS Adaptive Room Correction and Optimization System for its JBL Synthesis multichannel audio systems to improve system accuracy.

The update, incorporated in the JBL Synthesis SDEC-4500P digital equalizer, includes an AutoEQ function that was upgraded to improve in-room frequency balance for multiple seats instead of improving the balance at a single point of focus, the company said. AutoEQ uses more than 200 bands of parametric digital equalization that can be adjusted from 1/100th octave to more than four octaves wide from 20Hz–20kHz.

ARCOS v2.7 also adds height-channel calibration. Access to up to four height channels is available via the SDEC-4500P’s analog inputs, enabling a Synthesis system to deliver surround sound using Dolby Atmos and Auro-3D surround formats. Also, ARCOS v2.7 creates virtual height channels from standard 5.1- and 7.1-channel sources.

ARCOS v2.7 also adds new speaker-optimization capabilities. Used with any JBL Synthesis speaker and subwoofer, the SDEC-4500P digital equalizer with ARCOS v2.7 no longer operates solely as an equalizer but also functions as an active crossover and speaker-management hub, the company said. JBL speakers that can be bi-wired will deliver smoother response when bi-wired or passively biamplified, the company said. Specific speaker calibration settings are built-in for such JBL speakers as JBL Project Everest DD67000, K2 S9900, S2S-EX and S1S-EX subwoofers and others.