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Haier Hails Star Wars With R2-D2 Fridge

The Force will be with Haier America at CES next month when the company unveils a startlingly realistic R2-D2 compact fridge.

The 1/1 scale unit is self-propelled, achieving speeds of 1 km/h via remote control, and features authentic lights, sounds, and even a 720p projector for viewing distress calls from Princess Leia or any other video fare.

The fridge was developed and manufactured in Japan by sister company Haier Asia, and is made to order and individually stamped with a serial number to lend it collectability status.

Capacity is limited to about a six-pack (which is just fine by us), and the onboard battery can power R2’s movements for two hours. No price was announced.

CES attendees can experience the droid fridge for themselves at Haier’s Central Hall booth, #12814.