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Haier is entering the home audio market with its first iPad- and iPod-docking speaker systems and first sound bars.

The docking speakers ship in December and will be on display at International CES, where the sound bars will also be displayed.

Four docking speakers systems include two iPaddocking systems and two iPod/iPhone speaker system. One of the iPad systems is the $129-suggested IPD-100 – View XL, which features component-video output to display iPad video on a TV set, four neodymium tweeters and two woofers delivering a total of 25 watts, and an aux input connects to the iPod Shuffle and other MP3 players.

The second iPad system is the $79.99 IPD-01 – Flex, which displays an iPad in portrait or landscape mode as well as in a position that facilitates the use of its virtual keyboard. Flex features 4-watt output and charges iPads, iPhone 3G/4 models, and iPods and Touches. It comes with aux input.

One of two iPod/iPhone-docking speaker systems is the $79.99-suggested IPDS-10 Flow, which features a motorized dock to position an iPod or iPhone into portrait or landscape modes. Features include four drivers, blue LED light circle to illuminate the dock, aux input and remote.

The $99.99-suggested IPDS-20 Move is an AC/DC portable iPod/iPhone speaker system with rechargeable battery, travel case and remote control, and aux input.

In sound bars, the company will show its first six models, all designed as TV add-ons that use the TV for video switching. “We are looking to create a Haier Audio line to accentuate our televisions and create a real home theater experience,” a spokesman told TWICE.

One of the sound bars at the show will be the 3D Sound Bar, which incorporates Dolby Digital 5.1 decoder, optical digital input, and two embedded downfiring woofers. It uses Sonic Emotion 3D sound technology from Germany-based Sonic Emotion “to create true surround sound for everyone in the room,” Haier said

The technology, which also works with stereo sources, uses “wave field synthesis to create a field of sonic waves resulting in the illusion of sounds originating from all around,” Sonic Emotions said. “Listeners are surrounded in immersive, balanced audio regardless of their positioning, device location, and room dimensions.”

Haier’s 3D Sound Bar will require no calibration and will deliver its surround effect regardless of room configuration or the proximity of walls to “eliminate the common problem of “sweetspots” that limit other sound bar and surround sound technologies, Haier said.

Sound bar details weren’t available.


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