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Griffin Enters Bluetooth Headset Category

Griffin Technology used Macworld, held here earlier this month, to launch a variety of new CE accessories, as well as enter the Bluetooth headset category. The company also used the show to introduced updates for some of its preexisting products.

The SmartTalk Bluetooth headset features Step Labs’ StepVoice acoustic voice-separation technology, engineered to eliminate background noise, reduce wind noise and improve voice quality. The earpiece can reportedly be paired with any iPhone or other Bluetooth-enabled cellphone. It has a dual-microphone design. Suggested retail is $99.99. It’s currently available.

The company also introduced two new chargers: the PowerBlock Reserve and the PowerJolt Reserve. The PowerBlock Reserve is designed to charge an iPod and iPhone while simultaneously charging its own reserve battery pack. The removable Reserve lithium-ion battery pack is held in its charging bay magnetically, so there’s nothing to unplug, said Griffin.

The PowerJolt Reserve plugs into a car’s cigarette lighter or 12-volt DC power outlet and charges both the device and the Reserve battery pack. The Reserve’s battery charges an iPhone or iPod through its dock connector, and its battery pack is reportedly interchangeable with the PowerBlock Reserve AC charger. Both chargers are scheduled to be available in April for a $39.99 suggested retail.

Finally, Griffin’s TuneFlex Aux now features a SmartClick wireless remote with a magnetic holder that attaches to the driver’s steering wheel. SmartClick Remote is designed to enable drivers to safely access play controls without ever taking their eyes off the road or their hands off the wheel. The TuneFlex’s flexible steel neck and swiveling cradle is said to position the player in any desired location, and it charges as it plays. Suggested retail is $79.99 and is comes with a stereo aux-in cable to connect iPod or iPhone to the car stereo.