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GPS Angel Updates V4 With Rechargeable Battery

SAN FRANCISCO — GPS Angel upgraded
its V4 red-light camera and
speed-camera detector with a new model
that operates on a rechargeable lithium-
ion battery.

The original V4, which plugs into a cigarette
lighter for power, remains available
at a suggested $99.99. The new
model, which lacks a cigarette-lighter
power adapter, is available at a suggested
$129. Its battery recharges via USB

V4 uses SiRF Star III GPS
satellite technology to map
the vehicle’s current position
against an onboard database
of more than 6,000
known red-light camera and
speed camera locations.

Because these cameras “are strategically
placed in high-risk accident areas,”
said Bryn Jenkins, GPS Angel
COO, the V4 “uses cutting-edge GPS
satellite technology to alert users when
approaching these intersections to encourage
them to exercise
extreme caution.”

Unlimited free access to
the camera database is provided,
and updates from the
Internet can be downloaded
to a computer via USB cable.
Camera locations can be searched
online at


Personal Location Alerts can also
be set up to warn drivers when they are
speeding in areas such as school zones,
playgrounds or parks.