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GoPro Will Pay You Up To $5,000 For A Video

GoPro is expanding its licensing program for user-generated content by establishing an awards program that will pay out up to $5 million annually for the best GoPro footage submitted by users.

The GoPro Awards will offer users the chance to earn $500 for a photo, $1,000 for a raw video clip and $5,000 for an edited video as long as it was shot on a GoPro camera. The company said it will award up to $5 million annually with winners picked daily.

Winning clips will be licensed for commercial use.

Submissions can be entered under a number of specific categories established by GoPro, with the categories changing throughout the year. The initial category submission list includes: Anything Awesome, Best Trick Shot, Family Trips, Best Trick, Unexpected Venues, Student Film, Kayak, Wild Jobs and Pay It Forward. There is no limit to the number of submissions.