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GoPro Omni Will Ship Aug. 17

GoPro has set a shipping date for the Omni 360-degree VR action cam.

Consumers will be able to purchase the $4,999 Omni on Aug. 17, a rig made up of six GoPro Hero 4 cameras. A synchronization mechanism allows all six cameras to act as one, so only camera needs to be powered up and controlled. The Omni will not operate unless all of the cameras are in the same mode with functioning SD cards, said GoPro, and metadata eliminates worry about matching SD cards with corresponding cameras.

The aluminum rig can be powered via the Hero 4 batteries or from an external battery pack.

The included Importer tool enables consumers to stitch, edit and publish their virtual reality (and other) content. Importer can only be used with the Omni, GoPro said.

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GoPro released a video highlighting the device’s capabilities: