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GoldenEar Readies Invisa Architectural Speaker

Baltimore – GoldenEar plans July 15 shipments of the first single-point stereo speaker in its Invisa series of architectural speakers.

The $449-each Invisa 652 is designed to “minimize deleterious diffraction effects that are common in many other stereo speakers that sink the drivers deeply into the structure,” the company said.

The SP 652 is designed for in-ceiling and in-wall use, coming standard with a round, paintable magnetically fastened micro-perf grille. An optional square grille is available. The low-profile grilles fully cover the mounting flange to deliver a stealth appearance, the company said.

The speaker features one 6.5-inch bass/midrange driver with dual-wound voice coil and two pod-mounted High-Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR) tweeters at angles to maximize stereo radiation into the room, GoldenEar explained.

HVFR tweeters deliver the dynamic range and smooth extended response of large flat ribbon tweeters because of their ability to push air at higher velocities than traditional ribbon tweeters, the company said. They also deliver wider dispersion than ribbon tweeters and

extend response to 35kHz without the break-up modes and distortion common to other tweeter types, the company added.

Specs include 25Hz – 35kHz frequency response, 90dB sensitivity, and 8-ohm nominal impedance. Recommended amp power is 10 to 250 watts.

The Invisa SP 652 uses a one-piece driver/frame/flange construction made of marble-infused polymer to maximize performance and minimize its footprint, the company said.

A high-frequency equalization switch matches the SP 652 to different environments.

The SP652 joins the $249-each Invisa 525 and $299-each Invisa 650 speakers for in-wall and in-ceiling use, the $499 HTR7000 in-ceiling home theater LCR speaker, and the $499 MPX, designed for in-ceiling and in-wall surround channels.