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Giambi Named Sega Sports Spokesman

Sega Sports has enlisted the promotional support of new New York Yankees first baseman Jason Giambi to serve as official spokesman for its World Series Baseball video game series.

Sega said Giambi signed a multi-year deal to serve as spokesman and cover athlete for the franchise.

The Sega Sports World Series Baseball game ships in May 2002, and will be made available exclusively for the Xbox system, Sega said.

Visual Concepts, which is the development house behind other popular Sega Sports titles such as the NFL2K and NBA2K series, developed the game.

Giambi led Oakland to the American League West title last season. For Sega, he will promote the Sega Sports brand among consumers, “which may entail involvement in the development of the World Series Baseball series and a presence in upcoming advertising campaigns,” Sega said.

Giambi joins a list of other athletes that have served the Sega Sports franchises, including tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams, 76ers basketball great Allen Iverson and U.S. Olympic hockey team member and Colorado Avalanche player Chris Drury.

Sega Sports World Series Baseball combines enhanced gameplay mechanics, next-generation graphics, advanced artificial intelligence, full team management and a sophisticated Franchise Mode, according to the company.

It features new fielding animations such as off-balance throws and new facial animations with over 50 different emotions, so that with each hit, error or home run, gamers will actually see the passion on the player’s face. Also added are new camera angles and two-man commentary.

World Series Baseball also includes the new Cooperstown Collection license so gamers can play as or against 25 of the greatest players ever to grace the game.