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Gen Y Turning To PCs For Music

ARLINGTON, Va. — The children of baby boomers are looking increasingly to the PC to satisfy their music listening needs, according to an eBrain Market Research survey, a service of the Consumer Electronics Association.

The association based its conclusion on the results of a March online survey of Generation Y consumers in the 15- to 21-year-old age group. A total of 1,551 people responded. Gen Y consists of anyone born between 1979 and 1994.

Approximately 14 percent of survey respondents said they use their PC more than a traditional stereo system to listen to music. Another 25 percent said they use a PC and a stereo almost equally as often to listen to music. As a result, the association said, almost 40 percent of Generation Y is using the PC as much as or more than a stereo for listening to music.

Thirty percent of the respondents also said they would be very or somewhat interested in enhancing their PC music experience. And 55 percent said they are very or somewhat interested in a home stereo with Internet music capabilities. Among respondents who have listened to MP3 music, that percentage jumped to 64 percent.

A total of 57 percent of the surveyed consumers said they have played MP3 music files. The study suggests that most of those who have listened to the MP3 format thought it sounded comparable to a “typical stereo,” CEA said.