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GE Profile & Cafe Dishwashers Will Take A Shine To Silverware

We don’t know about you, but for us there’s nothing as disheartening in dishwashing as unloading racks of newly cleaned tableware only to find caked-on oatmeal, cheese and who-knows-what-else stuck to the cutlery.

But there’s good news in appliance-dom: GE feels our pain and has our backs. Starting next month, all new GE Profile and Café dishwashers will come standard with over 40 dedicated silverware jets (for a total of 140 in all) that power spray the silverware basket from below for a deep, crud-free clean.

“Silverware is one of the hardest things to get clean,” acknowledged GE’s Mike Nerdig, marketing manager, dishwasher products. “Consumers want a dishwasher than can provide table-ready silverware in one wash cycle, along with more loading and cleaning options.”

Other features include red-colored jets that stand out on the sales floor and help guide precise basket positioning; a third rack; and dedicated jets for bottles.

The new models will hit showroom floors in June, where they will carry suggested retails ranging from $899 to $1,599.