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Gateway All-In-One Astro Ships

In what could be called a direct challenge to Apple’s iMac, Gateway rolled out a $799 all-in-one desktop PC last week called the Astro PC.

The Astro PC is the entry-level model in Gateway’s integrated PC family, the $1,999 Gateway Profile was launched in June, and like the iMac features a built-in 15-inch monitor. The Astro is equipped with an Intel Celeron 400Mhz processor, 4.3GB hard drive, four USB ports, floppy and CD-ROM drives and is available starting this week through Gateway’s Country Stores, online store and toll free number, a company spokesman said.

Unlike the iMac, the Astro does not come in multiple colors, but Gateway’s spokesman said if consumers expressed a desire a color choice Gateway could accommodate them with future models.