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Gaming Peripherals: Nyko Technologies Data Bank For PlayStation 4

Nyko’s Data Bank for PlayStation 4 is a hard drive dock that enables users to upgrade their console memory capacity from the PS4’s standard 2.5-inch hard drive to cheaper, higher-capacity 3.5-inch hard drives. As the PlayStation 4 does not presently support game installs or save data on external hard drives, the Data Bank enables users to expand their storage beyond the limits of 2.5-inch drives currently compatible with the console. With downloadable and hard copies of games taking up tens of gigabytes of storage against the stock 500GB hard drive, the Data Bank makes sure gamers will never have to delete a beloved game save to make room for another. The Data Bank for PS4 replaces the top of the console and its existing hard drive with a simple single-screw installation, and matches the minimalist design of the PlayStation 4. A built-in LED strip illuminates whenever the console is accessing its memory. It retails for $39.99.