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Gamevice Adds Console-Like Control To iPad Mini

Los Angeles — Wikipad this week unveiled the Gamevice, a detachable MFi-certified accessory device that adds console-like gaming control to the iPad Mini. 

The vice-like casing grips either side of the tablet and adds dual analog joysticks, left/right directional analog buttons, an analog directional pad and four analog action buttons, including two bottom triggers. The layout roughly mimics that of PlayStation’s PS Vita handheld gaming device.

To preserve the tablet’s battery life the Gamevice is powered by direct connection to the Lightning port rather than via Bluetooth.

It works with any iPad Mini model, Retina included, running iOS 7.

A prototype of the device was discussed at International CES in January but at the time it was assumed to be targeted to Android devices since Wikipad’s flagship product is an Android tablet designed specifically to optimize tablet gaming.

The company would not reveal if an Android version of the Gamevice is planned.

Wikipad expects the Gamevice to reach retail in time for the Q4 holiday selling season. Pricing has not been set.