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Fujitsu Fights Unauthorized Distribution

Fujitsu said it has amended its warranty for all Plasmavision SlimScreen plasma display monitors, excluding coverage from unauthorized retailers and resellers, particularly those using the Internet.

“We want to assure that anyone who purchases a Fujitsu Plasmavision monitor gets the full benefits of the purchase,” said Tedd Rozylowicz, Fujitsu senior VP. “The only way customers can have this assurance of full warranty protection and unmatched performance is if they purchase a Plasmavision monitor from an authorized dealer. The purchase and sale of plasma products require an extensive amount of pre- and post-sale support — support that cannot be adequately provided over the Internet.”

Rozylowicz added that he believes Fujitsu’s efforts to better manage its brand will directly benefit its authorized dealers and their customers.

Going forward, a valid Fujitsu plasma display warranty will apply only to new Fujitsu-branded plasma display monitors sold through authorized distribution channels. The product must bear the original and unaltered factory serial numbers.

Authorized dealers are not allowed to sell Fujitsu Plasmavision monitors on the Internet, through any online retailer or similar e-tailing web site, the company said.