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Fujitsu To Add LCD Projector

Fujitsu is preparing to expand its home theater PlasmaVision offerings with an LCD-based front projector for home theater applications.

Tedd Rozylowicz, the president of Fujitsu, showed CEDIA dealers a prototype projector based on Epson’s new “3LCD” technology.

“Epson made a new LCD array that allows us to do true 1,080p resolution,” he said.

Fujitsu’s projector, which Rozylowicz said would probably sell for around $24,999 when it ships “hopefully before Christmas,” uses a two-piece design, including a source box that incorporates an A/V switcher.

“The resolution is so good on this projector that you literally cannot see the screen-door effect in the image. It is fabulous,” said Rozylowicz, who worked in Sharp’s SharpVision LCD projector unit earlier in his career. “These units really have a superior picture [to rival DLP and LCoS technologies].”

Fujitsu is one of about six manufacturers preparing to launch front projectors based on Epson’s “3LCD” technology.

Rozylowicz said Fujitsu realizes that the high-end front projector business has a limited market, but the company believes it has developed enough of a high-end dealer following to warrant an expansion.

“We do such a good job in our plasma business, that our customers are just as inclined to give us [the projector] sale. It’s not a big deal for them. We don’t make them carry any inventory, and it is just a good arrangement,” he said.

Other features of the projector will include a long-life bulb, he said. Inputs include component video and HDMI/HDCP. The source box will not include tuners, Rozylowicz said.

He said Fujitsu will make the projector available through the same distribution network as its PlasmaVision displays.