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Fujifilm Introduces $1,000 Professionals’ Point And Shoot


— Fujifilm used the recent
Photokina here to unveil a retro-looking high resolution
addition to its FinePix digital camera line.

The FinePix X100, which is scheduled to hit the market
next March at an expected retail of around $1,000,
features a 12.3-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor (similar
to those used in most consumer d-SLRs), a Fujinon
23mm f/2 fixed focal length lens and a new Hybrid

Fuji said the camera will target professional photographers
and advanced enthusiasts who want a compact
camera that will deliver “exceptional quality” images.

The company said it opted for a fixed focal length lens
to avoid making any picture quality tradeoffs that are
often necessary when incorporating zoom lenses.

The camera also includes an EXR processor, which
when combined with the APS-C CMOS sensor enables
high-speed AF performance, Fujifilm said.

The Hybrid Viewfinder combines a window-type
“bright frame” optical viewfinder such as those used on
film cameras, with an electronic system incorporated in
mirrorless interchangeable-lens digital cameras.