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Frigidaire Ships New Filtration System

Frigidaire’s new PureAir filtration system, developed to remove food odors from refrigerator compartments, has begun hitting retail floors within 10 select refrigerator models.

The system, described by Frigidaire as an industry first, works continuously to keep the refrigerator’s fresh and frozen food compartments smelling fresh without fan activation. PureAir achieves its results through the use of baking soda and a carbon block that traps and neutralizes odor-causing molecules, plus a synthetic form of zeolite, a mineral that is effective at neutralizing acidic odors such as fish.

The system also includes a user-controlled fan that circulates air within the refrigerator for 12 hours, and shuts when the door is opened.

Frigidaire, a subsidiary of Electrolux, suggests changing the filter every six months. Consumers can purchase replacement filters Frigidaire for $10.99.

Models featuring PureAir include:

  • PHSC39EH SS (stainless steel);
  • GHSC39EH PW or PB (pearl white or pearl black);
  • GHSC39ETH SS (stainless steel);
  • GHSC39ETH W/B (white or black);
  • PHS69EH SS (stainless steel);
  • GLHS69EH SB (stainless-steel doors, black cabinet);
  • GLHS69EH W/Q/B/PW/PB (white, bisque, black, pearl white or pearl black);
  • GLHS39EH SB (stainless-steel doors, black cabinet); and
  • GLHS39EH W/Q/PW/PB (white, bisque, pearl white or pearl black).