Friedrich Ships New AC Platform

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SAN ANTONIO — Friedrich, the 127-year-old premium room air maker, has launched a new AC platform called Kühl that features interchangeable front panels in six designer colors plus white.

The American manufacturer says Kühl (pronounced “cool”) is currently the only U.S.-distributed room air conditioner to offer the interchangeable feature.

The line, which was slated to hit the market late last month, ships in silver, and consumers can opt to purchase additional panels in deep red, cobalt blue, pink, beige, black and white for $50 each.

The units themselves carry manufacturer suggested retails of between $969 and $2,149, with the higher price points reserved for larger capacity units and Friedrich’s Kühl + models that provide heat as well as cooling functionality. The company expects actual retail pricing will be lower.

The Energy Star-rated ACs are available in 7,900 Btu/h to 36,000 Btu/h models, and come with a slidein/ slide-out chassis for easier installation in a window or through the wall.

Other features include:

• a five-year limited warranty on the refrigeration system;

• heavy-gauge steel, rifled copper tubing, and totally enclosed, commercial- grade fan motors to prevent unit overheating;

• aluminum end plates; and

• a rugged, sealed control panel with four operating options.


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