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Ford Smartphone Apps Due In Summer

DEARBORN, MICH. — The 2011 Ford Fiesta will be the first vehicle equipped with Ford’s Sync system to control select Android and BlackBerry smartphone apps. The


will be available later this summer.

In calendar 2011, smartphone-app control
will be available on all new Syncequipped
vehicles, and apps for the iPhone
and other smartphones will become available
that year as well, Ford said.

Through the Fiesta’s

Sync system

, drivers
will be able to use voice commands
or the Fiesta’s control switches to control
Sync-enabled apps residing on Bluetooth-
connected smartphones. The first
Sync-enabled apps — Pandora’s Internet
music-streaming app, Stitcher’s Internet
news and podcast app, and OpenBeak’s
Twitter-streaming app with text-to-voice
conversion — will be available shortly after
the Fiesta’s launch for Android and
BlackBerry phones. The apps, incorporating
the Sync application programming
interface (API), will be available through
Android Market and BlackBerry App
World for download.

On the Fiesta’s 4-inch in-dash display,
drivers will be able to view the names of
all Sync-controllable apps residing on
their smartphone, a spokesman said. To
control the smartphone apps, Fiesta purchasers
must first download AppLink
software from Ford’s Web site to a PC,
side-load the software to a USB drive,
and plug the USB drive into the Fiesta.

Ford is offering its API to third-party
developers to create other Sync-controlled