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FLO TV Promo Discounts Subs For Vehicle Installs

SAN DIEGO — FLO TV has reduced
its one-year and three-year prepaid
subscription prices through Sept. 30
when purchased with an installed invehicle
FLO TV system.

The discount is available with systems
sold through new car dealers
and through aftermarket car electronics

The promotion brings the price of
a three-year subscription down to
$299, or $8.30/month, compared with
the non-promotional three-year price
of $499, or $13.86/month.

The promotion also extends the 12-
month duration of a $199 prepaid plan
to 18 months, reducing the monthly
cost to $11.05/month compared with

Month-to-month subscriptions remain
at $19.99/month.

For consumers, the offer is redeemable
on-line at

or by calling (888) 993-5688.