FLO TV: Consumers To Get Money Back

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FLO TV has begun offering a rebate to cover the full purchase price, excluding taxes and shipping, of FLO TV products that receive the company’s consumer-direct service.

Consumers don’t have to return the product to get the rebate.

Consumers who activated a FLO TV Personal Television, Audiovox portable DVD with FLO TV, or FLO TV car entertainment system will get a refund for the full retail price at the time of activation and a prorated refund for the amount of service paid for in advance but not used after service is turned off. Service will be turned off within 72 hours of validation of a user’s online rebate form.

Rebates will also cover the cost of accessories, such as extra batteries and chargers, purchased directly from FLO TV but not from retailers.

FLO TV also specified a cutoff date of March 27, 2011, for its direct-to-consumer service, having previously cited a spring cutoff.

In October, FLO TV announced it would shut off its direct-to-consumer service because of the slow adoption pace and the high cost of marketing, customer service, product development and customer acquisition.


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