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Flash Memory Taking Dictation

Removable Flash memory is fast becoming a standard media for high-end handheld dictation products.

Sanyo recently began shipping its first digital handheld dictation recorders with removable SmartMedia storage, and Sony will offer its first product with Memory Stick in March.

Sanyo’s two dictation models are bundled with transcriber software and ship with 4MB SmartMedia cards. The step-up model, ICR-B200, also ships with an adapter so the SmartMedia card can fit in a PC card slot in a laptop.

The models ICR-B100 and ICR-B200 are both voice-activated and have an LCD display for status monitoring. Both have a USB port and are bundled with a USB cable. Suggested retail price for the ICR-B100 is $349.95, and the ICR-B200, with PC card adapter, is $499.95.

Sony’s new Memory Stick voice recorder comes bundled with WAV-pedal software and a pedal to turn a user’s PC into a transcription machine. It also comes with voice-to-print software and an E-service that transcribes the Wav file for users.

The Memory Stick Voice Recorder, model ICX-MS, can record up to 131 minutes of recording with a 16MB Memory Stick. It has a backlit LCD and playback edit function for easy correction of the dictation. The unit is expected to sell for $299 in March.