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First Memory Stick Adapter For Visor Bows

Portable Innovation Technology released in late January the first Memory Stick adapter for the Handspring Visor.

Called the MemPlug MS, the new Springboard module has 128MB of capacity using the Memory Stick format and allows data exchange with other Memory Stick products. Users can view JPEG images recorded on a compatible digital camera and directly execute Palm read-only applications and databases stored on a Memory Stick.

It comes with seven self-installing applications as well as gMovie Maker software. Applications include PiPrefs for formatting Memory Stick card and managing preferences; PiMove, for file management; PiBackup; PiViewer and PiDirect (evaluation copy only), which allows access to Palm applications and read-only databases stored on Memory Stick. gMovie Player and MovieMaker permits creation and playback of 16-bit color video, animation or still images stored on the Memory Stick and CspotRun permits direct viewing of documents.

The MemPlug MS’s suggested retail price is $69.95.