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Felix Gray Takes Computer Eyewear Outdoors

For Felix Gray, the future's so bright it had to add shades.

Felix Gray is an eyewear company on a mission.

Its debut product, computer eyewear, was developed by a team of former finance and tech-industry desk jockeys who ended their day with headaches, strained eyes and fatigue from staring at PC screens all day.

To address the issue, the crew developed a blue-light filtering technology that’s embedded in the lenses. And, unlike other products that employ a yellow tint, their anti-reflective coating eliminates glare while leaving the glass clear.

As the designer-like name implies, Felix Gray eyewear is also fashion-forward, featuring “classically inspired frames built from Italian acetate,” the company says.

Six unisex styles are offered in a variety of sizes and tortoiseshell and solid finishes, and the lenses are available in prescription ($145), non-prescription ($95) and reading versions in various magnifications (also $95).

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“Our mission,” said CEO and co-founder David Rogers, “is to create thoughtful eyewear engineered for a digital world.”

But starting today, Felix Gray is carrying the concept to the great outdoors with its first collection of sunglasses. The company says its new sunwear line features the same proprietary blue-light filtering plus a special “true color” polarized lens that makes for a vibrant, crisper and more vivid visual experience.

The ultra-thin lenses also block UVA, UVB and UVC rays, and feature an anti-reflective coating on the rear to reduce indirect reflected light.

Like its clear-glass counterparts, the outdoor collection is offered in seven styles, with price points starting at $95.

All glasses are available direct from Felix Gray, which also provides free shipping, returns and exchanges.