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Fantem Redesigns Sensor, Controller For Oomi Home-Automation System

Chicago – Fantem restarted its Indiegogo fundraising campaign after redesigning the touchscreen controller and multisensor for its Oomi home-automation system, which incorporates Z-Wave and Wi-Fi.

The company also replaced three Oomi device packages with three new ones.

The touchscreen controller, called Oomi Touch, has been redesigned with edge-to-edge glass and the addition of tactile buttons to complement capacitive touch controls. The controller controls Oomi’s smart-home hub and devices as well as home entertainment systems.

The battery-operated multisensor has been redesigned with a smaller chassis and adds UV and vibration detection to motion, temperature, humidity and light sensing. The battery lasts for two years.

The system is one of few mass-market home-automation systems that integrate control of home systems with a home entertainment system. An optional Android-based Wi-Fi A/V streamer, for example, plugs into a TV’s HDMI port to stream audio and video from the cloud via downloaded Google Play apps. Oomi’s hub, called the Cube, features embedded IR blaster to shoot IR signals in all directions through its IR-permeable chassis to control a home-entertainment system.

The hub also incorporates night-vision HD security camera, motion sensor, temperature sensor, humidity and glass-break sensors, and light sensor.

The hub and devices can be controlled from Apple and Android mobile devices, but when consumers use the Oomi Touch, they can pair devices to the Oomi hub via an NFC-based tap-to-pair method.

Oomi devices include the stand-alone multisensor, a smart plug and an RGB bulb that changes colors. Premium Oomi devices consist of the Oomi Streamer and Oomi Air, which monitors airborne pollutants.

The three new packages, all with Oomi Touch, include a package with Oomi Cube and choice of one of three Oomi Z-Wave accessories at a limited-time $279. At a limited-time $439, the Oomi Cube is packaged with three Oomi Z-Wave accessories plus the choice of the Oomi Streamer or Oomi Air. The third package at $699 consists of the Oomi Cube, both Oomi premium accessories, and a choice of nine Oomi Z-Wave accessories.

The products are expected to be available in early October.