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EVO Lurks In Krell Booth

Krell’s eight-SKU EVO series of components, debuting at International CES, is based on technology used in the flagship Evolution Series.

Like the mono amp in the Evolution series, the EVO one-, two- and three-channel amps and the stereo preamp keep the audio signal in the current domain from input to output to avoid voltage conversion, which adds distortion and limits bandwidth, the company said.

EVO consist of two mono amps, a two-channel amp, a three-channel amp, two SACD players, a surround processor and a preamp. Shipments are scheduled for the late-first and late-second quarters.

Having offered an SACD/CD player before, the company will offer its first DVD-Video/SACD/CD player, which will be joined by a new SACD/CD player. The former features 1080p-upscaling HDMI output and SD and HD deinterlacing. Suggested retail is $13,500. The audio-only version is priced at $10,000.

At $18,000, the 707 8.4-channel home theater processor also features 1,080p up-scaling, video deinterlacing and a modular design allowing for the addition of future surround-sound formats coming off high-definition video discs. Also coming: the 202 stereo preamp at $15,000, a 900-watt mono amp at $40,000 per pair, a 600-watt version at $30,000 per pair, a 3×400-watt amp at $20,000 and a 2×400-watt amp at $15,000.